Innovative Micro Dentistry (IMD), is a Polish manufacturer of all SANDMAN FUTURA™ devices and accessories.

The company was established in 2011 and is situated in Sosnowiec. IMD is based on all the knowledge and experience from the Danish companies Sandman ApS and Sandman Dental ApS who invented, designed and developed the unique SANDMAN FUTURA™ air abrasion unit. All rights and knowledge was transferred to IMD in 2011.

President of the company is Mr. Peter Gram, who has a long working career in dental development and business. Daily Manager is Mr. Wojciech Wilk, who also has been working in dental development and business for many years. Our Quality Manager is Mr. Arkadiusz Lesniak, who is highly qualified to take care of all certifications and quality control.

IMD is solely a development and manufacturing company. Marketing and sales is managed by the Danish company, Sandman Microdentistry. Distribution is managed through exclusive dealers in many countries and webshop. New exclusive dealers are welcome to contact us for possible future agreements to distribute SANDMAN FUTURA™.

For the Polish market All-Dent, Sosnowiec is a dealer. For more details on dealers of SANDMAN FUTURA™devices and accessories worldwide please check: https://sandman-dental.com/our-dealers/ or contact directly with Sandman Microdentistry. 

Manufacturer of  SANDMAN FUTURA:
INNOVATIVE MICRO DENTISTRY SP. Z O.O., Armii Krajowej 6, PL 41-215 Sosnowiec, Poland,

NIP: 644-349-89-53, https://microdentistry.pl
Arkadiusz Leśniak, tel. +48 510 208 394
e-mail: office@microdentistry.pl

Sales of  SANDMAN FUTURA in Poland:
All-Dent Wojciech Wilk

Armii Krajowej 6, PL 41-215 Sosnowiec, Poland
Robert Żelaśkiewicz, tel: +48 502 380 968

e-mail:  r.zelaskiewicz@alldent.info.pl

Sales of  SANDMAN FUTURA outside Poland:
Sandman Microdentistry

Soenderbyen 19, 6534 Agerskov, Denmark
Peter Gram,  tel. (+45) 7873 7421
Email: sales@sandman-dental.com

Sales of  SANDMAN FUTURA online: